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Armada | Residential Pest Control

Get Back To What Matters And Say "Goodbye!" To Pests!

Ants & Cockroaches
Armada | Cockroach Services!

With Eco-Conscious treatments that target more than just the ones you see; our integrated approach begins with a detailed inspection and ends with peace of mind.


Your Armada specialist comes prepared with the tools and the training necessary to bring you back to a pest free home.  


It’s rare that just the webs are the problem. . . though we do handle that too!

Your Armada specialist uses advanced integrated service protocols to target the spiders you see and eliminate the contributing pest population acting as a food source.  

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Mice & Rats

Often the top of everyone’s most-wanted-pest list is the rodent. Capable of spreading dozens of diseases directly or indirectly through fleas, mites or ticks these common household pests can dramatically impact your quality of life.

Your Armada specialist will design and maintain a rodent control program customized for the specific needs of your home.

Bed Bugs

The least welcome guest in your home has outstayed their welcome.

After a thorough inspection, your Armada specialist will create a detailed action plan designed to return you to a good night’s sleep as quickly as possible.


Eco-Conscious, conventional product treatments and other alternative methods are available.

Gophers & Moles

Pet-friendly and Eco-Conscious.


Your Armada specialist is the answer to safeguard your landscaping from destructive burrowing pests such as gophers, moles and ground squirrels.  

Armada | Gopher Trapping
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Armada | Pest Control
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